About Club Glugg

Your shopping experience doesn’t end with getting drinks delivered at door, but It's only getting started!

AppstoreGoogleplay By using Glugger App for your next digital Booze shopping You get to be a part of Club Glugg!
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Now, what is Club Glugg?

Club Glugg is our reward program. Designed for you to earn rewards by sipping with us! There is a point value assigned to every Gluggler item.

AKA Glugg points!

  • You Earn Glugg Points on every item you have purchased on Glugger App.
  • And get to redeem them on your future purchases. That unlocks special discounts merchandise and more rewards for you
  • Even you can get access to allocated product auctions! Clink!
  • Buy any item from our Glugger App and you can hear us saying “Welcome to the Club”
  • As you earn Glugg Points you unlock the membership to Club Glugg.
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It’s that simple.

Just click and sip using Glugger App and We’ll do the rest!

  • All points you earned we will credit to your account once the order is complete.
  • So remember to keep those Push Notifications turned ON!
  • To receive Club Glugg deals & promotions updates!

Let us clarify again!

how you can earn Glugg points and get rewards?

  • You only earn Glugg points on buying listed items from the App.
  • Points are not earned on tax tips delivery fees or fuel charges nor can they get redeemed for cash or credit.
  • Glugg points earned can get redeemed with your future orders
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